Why I am running for RRISD Board of Trustees Place 6.

My concentration is on the individual needs of all students and I want to focus on equitable issues that RRISD has not addressed.

1. Why do we still have students of all demographics not being able to read or do math on or above grade level?

2. How are we accelerating all of our students even the top performers?

3. Why is it that parents have to fight to get desperately needed services for their children?

4. Why have we not excelled our CTE or created a vocational school.

I want to focus on these issues because all of our MAIN goal should be the STUDENTS.  Getting our students ready after graduation to enter the workforce and give back to the community, continue onto college or vocational school. The other candidates are not focused on these specific data points. Voters are interested in ensuring all children are successful because when the students are successful the community is successful.  

I will work with leaders in the community, educators, administrators, parents and board members to ensure that ALL students are given the tool and resources they need to be successful.

I am going to leave you with one more thing to think about.  Recently RRISD accountability rating dropped from an A to a B, if we don’t get board members that can cohesively work together to hold the district accountable and demand success then we are going to drop even further.   What happens when a school district fails? Jobs are lost, growth stagnates and crime goes up? Do you want to endorse someone who is results-oriented and data-driven or a go-with-the-flow person?

I am asking for your vote for RRISD Board of Trustees Place 6.  You can learn more about me and my family on the next page.

Register to vote by Oct. 5, 2020 here:

EVERY vote counts, EVERY voice counts.

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